Randall Gabrel


Mr. Gabrel has been the Headmaster at WCA since 2015 and a Board Member since 2010.  He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech.  He owns and operates B&G Productions, a successful oil and gas operation.  He has two daughters who attend the school.  Mr. Gabrel enjoys cycling, being outdoors, and working with his horses.  He is a strong advocate for science and the Creation theory.



Jodi Johnson


Mrs. Johnson has been working at WCA since 2017.  She is the smiling face you see when you come in the front door.  She has a son that has been attending WCA since he was in Pre-K 3.  Being a former missionary in Africa, she loves to travel and experience new things.


Taryn Cordell

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Cordell has been with the school since 2015.  While here she has done a variety of jobs from teaching to administrative duties.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education.  Her granddaughter attended WCA from 2010-2017.  She has been self-employed her whole life, doing many things involving dry goods and the service industry.


Amanda Barron

Pre-K 3/Science

Mrs. Barron has taught at WCA since 2015.  While here she has served as an on-site substitute, the science lab teacher, and now is the Pre-K 3 teacher.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  She has experience working with students of all ages and in special education.  She has two sons, one of whom attends WCA.


Marlys Osborn

Pre-K 3

Marlys first taught several years ago at WCA, teaching PreK 4 and Kindergarten over a 7-year span before retiring.  She has been a real asset to WCA since then, as well, working as a substitute and a music teacher.  She rejoined WCA staff this year and is teaching PreK 3.  Marlys has 9 grandchildren whom she enjoys spending time with.  She loves all things purple, eagles and kids of course!



Amy Chase


Mrs. Chase has been working at WCA since 2012.  She has taught a variety of ages from Pre-K, 7th-12th grade.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Instrumental Music Education.  She is actively invovled with children's ministries at Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church.  She has 3 children, all of whom are attending WCA.


Susie Waddel

1st & 2nd

Mrs. Waddel has been teaching at WCA since 1999.  She has taught 1st-4th grade throughout her career here.  She loves using the Abeka curriculum because it is Christian-based.  She says that she is continually learning new things every year from the curriculum and the children.  She is an avid sports lover, softball being her favorite.  


Ruth Botello

Chapel worship leader

Mrs. Botello was born and grew up in Sonora, Mexico in a minister’s family.  Since her youth she has enjoyed working in children’s ministry at church which she continues to be a part of.  She works alongside her husband who is the pastor of a Hispanic church.  She attended Oklahoma Wesleyan University and has been teaching private music lessons for 10 years.  She loves to sing and worship Jesus with all her heart and is a happy mother of two.


Debi Denney

3rd & 4th

Mrs. Denney has been teaching at WCA since 2010.  She has taught different ages, such as Kindergarten, 3rd-4th, and all ages of homeschool students.  She was the winner of the 2017 Pioneering Woman of Industry Award.  She is a member of First Baptist Church in Woodward.  She has been married to her husband, Mike, since 1971.  She has 4 children and a lot of grandchildren, 4 of which attended WCA in the past.  She loves to spend time with her family, read, and garden.


Robert Dwinelle

MLC (5th & 6th)

Mr. Dwinelle has been teaching at WCA since 2009.  He has taught grades 3rd-12th during his time here.


Angie Longhofer

Upper Learning Center

This is Mrs. Longhofer’s first year at WCA.  Before coming to WCA she worked as a substitute and was a Paraprofessional.  Mrs. Longhofer loves her class, is always there to help and is devoted to her students, calling them her ‘kids’.  Mrs. Longhofer likes the A.C.E. curriculum because it challenges her students and pushes them further. She is a mother of two and grandmother of two


Laura Chilson

Academic Advisor

Mrs. Chilson taught the 7th-12th grade class from 2006-2008 and has been working at WCA again since 2017.  She is working on finishing her Master's Degree in Professional Counseling.  She has 3 daughters, 2 of whom have graduated from WCA and 1 that is still attending.  She has worked with older students for many years as a youth leader at Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church and as a life coach for girls at White Horse Ranch.


Lynn Gabrel


Mrs. Gabrel was born and grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa.  She has always loved books and used to spend any money she got on books ever since she could read.  She has volunteered in the library since 2012.  The kids are encouraged to be a part of Truth Readers, which is our reading program.  Truth Readers mainly consists of character-building Christian books.  Yes, some people do still read books made of paper, and we encourage our kids to read!


Terry Whitewater


Ms. Whitewater has been teaching art at WCA for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade since 2017. We are blessed to have her talents teaching and in other areas.



Music is currently not being offered as an option.

Help wanted


Vicky Kee

Pre-K 4

Mrs. Kee has been teaching the Pre-K 4 class since 2014.  She attended Tulsa Community College.  She loves worship music and spending time with her children and grandchildren at her ranch.  She loves teaching and investing in children’s lives.